SquadX.Club is a next-generation X to Earn Web3 platform on the blockchain

SquadX.Club is a next-generation Web3 platform that grants our users multiple ways to earn on a single application.
Pushing the boundaries of blockchain applications, SquadX builds on a story-driven space narrative and provides a platform for our intergalactic community to form real friendships and earn from multiple revenue streams together.
SquadX and its X-to-Earn ecosystem are deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and fully compatible with Meta-Mask and other recognised Web3 wallets.
To ensure freedom of expression and collaboration, our ecosystem is decentralized, allowing users to own their Planets (Chat Groups) as NFTs and have full control of their content and how they operate.
All SquadX assets are player-owned NFTs minted in the BEP NFT – 721 standard and can be traded on the marketplace or sold to other members.
SquadX remains dedicated to providing a fun, fair, and transparent platform for all its users, so as it continues to grow, SquadX will develop and explore new applications for NFTs and DAOs.
Join us in shaping the metaverse and start to accrue real value from your digital self.

SquadX supports Turing-complete smart contracts which have enabled the creation of an original X-to-Earn ecosystem that seamlessly integrates: Socialize-to-Earn, Play-to-Earn, Learn-to-Earn, and Move-to-Earn.
X-to-Earn’s distinct architecture allows each of these income generators to flow together effortlessly and all within a few taps of each other.
The combination of these elements creates a powerful SquadX multiverse, which not only enhances social interaction but allows users to generate multiple Web3 income streams like never before.
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